Does a Driveshaft Need to Be Replaced?

Does a Driveshaft Need to Be Replaced?

The driveshaft - a small component in your vehicle with a huge responsibility. The driveshaft in your vehicle is responsible for delivering the power made by your engine to the wheels. If you have a high mileage vehicle, chances are your driveshaft is nearing the end of its lifespan if its never been replaced. Once the driveshaft loses its efficiency, other components in your vehicle pick up its slack, causing those parts to wear down quicker. If the driveshaft completely wears down to the point where it can no longer work, your wheels will stop moving.  So, does a driveshaft need to be replaced? The answer is yes, it typically needs to be replaced once it has reached a point over 75,000 miles or if its has stopped working due to wear and tear. However, when or if it needs to be replaced during your ownership depends on your driving habits and the age of your car. Driveshaft modifications can lead to needing it replaced more often, so that is something to keep in mind if this app ... read more

COVID-19 Updates - We are Open & Taking Certain Measures to Continue Serving You

COVID-19 Updates - We are Open & Taking Certain Measures to Continue Serving You

At the Detroit Garage, we are doing everything we can to prevent spread of COVID-19 while remaining open for business. Being that the government has deemed auto repair an essential service to the citizens and public, we want to do all that we can to assure that our employees are healthy and able to continue to work on your vehicles. To ensure your safety and health here at our shop, we are not accepting any waiting customers in our lobby and encourage you to use our drop box service. Here's how to use this service:  Please fill out a repair information envelope filling in the required spaces. Be as descriptive as possible with the issues that you are having. Insert your keys into the envelope and place in the mail slot on the door. If you need transportation please call our number 248-545-0500 and we will set up an Uber at no charge to you. We will get your keys and start our evaluation of your vehicle. We will do all communications via text/email and or phone call ... read more

What is a Thermostat and When Does it Need to be Replaced?

The thermostat is a vital component of your vehicle's engine. It is essentially a small valve inside the cooling system that will open and close in response to the coolant temperature. When coolant is still cool, like when you first start your vehicle, this valve will remain closed. However, once your vehicle starts moving and your engine warms up, the valve will open and close and coolant will circulate from the engine to the radiator.  A faulty thermostat is a common issue that can occur with the cooling system in our vehicles, especially considering how much work this system does on the daily. If your vehicle's thermostat does need to be replaced, you will notice some symptoms. Although these symptoms can indicate other problems, a faulty thermostat is potential cause. Here are some of those symptoms to look out for:  Overheating engine Temperature gauge is reading very cold or very hot Coolant leak or engine part corrosion  Most vehicle's factory reco ... read more

State Representative Haley Stevens visits Farmington, MI to discuss the future of aftermarket automotive care

State Representative Haley Stevens visits Farmington, MI to discuss the future of aftermarket automotive care

Curtis Andrew Massoll, founder of The Detroit Garage, takes a leading role in educating both our representatives and the public concerning the “Your Car Your Data” campaign. 2020-01-20 FARMINGTON, MI. Our United States Representatives listen to the concerns of their constituents, develop solutions to the needs of their districts and serve as political spokespeople for issues that are important to those they represent. There was no exception to this process on January 13th when Representative Haley Stevens, of Michigan’s 11th district, visited The Farmington Garage. Founder and CEO of The Detroit Garage, Curtis Andrew Massoll, was joined by several others from the Auto Care Association (ACA) to share information and concerns regarding the changes and future developments in automotive repair. With 286.8M vehicles on the road toda ... read more

What Happens When You Forget to Change Your Car's Oil?

You're driving to work one morning and look up at the little sticker in the left side of your windshield - you realize that you are way overdue for an oil change and start panicking if you've made a big mistake. Is an oil change really that important and what happens when you forget to have it performed on time?  How important is your regular oil change? Although it is an inexpensive service, it is actually extremely vital to your car's performance. Motor oil has a very important job which is to lubricate the engine and regulate its temperature. It also helps to keep the engine clean by transporting debris and grime through the oil filter.  What happens when you forget to change your car's oil? If you're only a hundred miles over for your next oil change, don't panic. Chances are you've caught it early enough and no damage is done. However, if its been a while since your oil change due date, you may have caused damage to your engine. If your engi ... read more

What Can Cause a Vehicle Breakdown in the Winter?

We know that winter driving can be stressful, especially when you try to stay off the roads in times of winter storms and snow. The best thing you can do to be as prepared as possible when hitting the road in the winter is by ensuring that your vehicle is ready to handle the cold weather.  An inspection at our shop can help guarantee that your vehicle is in the best condition to stay reliable through the winter weather, and if not, we can help make the repairs necessary to get your vehicle where it needs to be.  Here are some of the top causes of winter vehicle breakdowns:  Engine overheating - Motor oil runs thicker in cold temperatures, making it harder for it to circulate and keep your car running smoothly—and prevent it from overheating. A dead battery - It’s harder for car batteries to produce a charge in winter — meaning it might not be able to produce enough energy to start your car when you turn the key. Radiator failure - You left your veh ... read more

Happy Thanksgiving from The Detroit Garage!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at The Detroit Garage! We hope that you had a wonderful holiday with friends and family. With all the holidays comes lots of travel, so if you are planning a road trip in the near future, we recommend that you check off some important travel measures before you hit the road.  Be sure to have your vehicle inspected by the experts here at The Detroit Garage before you hit the road. You never want to be caught in a situation where you are stuck without a working vehicle, so guaranteeing that your vehicle is ready for any road trip will keep your family safe and bring you peace of mind on the road.    Pack ample blankets and coats for the road to keep warm if you’re traveling in the cold this winter.    Have an emergency kit on hand in your trunk to help out in cases of emergencies. Some things to make sure you have with you include a spare tire, jack, wrench, flashlight, flares, cell phone charger, and first a ... read more

How to Deal with Stressful Driving Situations

Driving isn't always a walk in the park - sometimes certain things can happen that can put us under stress. Whether it is someone cutting you off or you start hitting every light along the way to your destination making you crunched for time, it is important that we all stay calm and collected while driving to ensure our own safety and the safety of other cars around us. If you ever find yourself stressed out, try to remember the following tips for common stressful situations on the road:  Road Construction - It can be scary when a lane is closed and lots of vehicles are trying to merge out of the way. Road construction can also mean stopped cars along the side of the road and workers walking about. Try to stay calm and understand that the construction can’t be avoided, and that everyone is trying to get to their destination safely.  Backseat Drivers - There’s always that one friend, family member, or spouse that gives advice where it isn’t warranted ... read more

How to Jump Start a Battery

While many of us hope that we never have to jump start our cars, dead batteries can happen unexpectedly and understanding how to properly jump start your vehicle can come in handy. The typically lifespan of a vehicle battery is between 3-5 years, and if you don't keep track of how old your battery is, it can die on you unexpectedly if its come to the end of its life.  However, batteries can also die unexpectedly due to leaving lights or other electrical components on over night or for extended periods of time without your car running. If you do find yourself with a dead battery, jump starting your vehicle can help to at least get your car running so that you can get your car into The Detroit Garage to have your battery replaced.  Here are the steps on how to properly jump start your vehicle:  First, you will need jumper cables. If you don't own any, you can purchase these at your local auto parts store or online. Large convenience stores such as Target and Wal ... read more

Tailgating Safety Tips

It's that time of year when football is back in season, and going to games and enjoying the fun is a staple. If you're someone that has a season pass or is planning on visiting a few games this fall, you may be considering tailgating beforehand to hang with friends and eat good food.  If you're planning on tailgating this season, remember the following safety tips to ensure that your plans go smoothly:  When arriving to the stadium, be sure to drive carefully and safely while navigating through other tailgaters. Watch for kids and other pedestrians walking around.  Make sure that you have a cooler on hand for all of your meats and perishables.  If you're planning on cooking meats, be sure to keep raw meat separate from other snacks and wash any utensils that touch the raw meat.  Be safe when cooking meat by bringing along a meat thermometer. Meats should be cooked according to standards. Use caution when grilling and make su ... read more

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