6 Car Smells that Spell Trouble

You can't always assume that every bad smell trickles into your car to something from outside your vehicle. Often that smell you're picking up is your vehicle's way of telling you something is wrong! The different scents that you may detect may help you uncover the trouble your internal components are sustaining. Some odors are more troublesome than others, but there is only one way to be sure. Whenever you catch an unusual scent in your automobile, we urge you to bring it to an auto professional ASAP to get a proper diagnosis. These are some of the most common car smells and what problems they may indicate:

  • Maple Syrup - If your car smells sweet like a breakfast buffet, then it could mean several things. A fluid leak from your radiator, cylinder head, or manifold gasket can be the issue. If the smell is strong and found in the cabin, the heater core could be the problem.
  • Gasoline - The smell of gas usually signifies that your car has a gas leak. The damage could stem from the fuel injector line or the fuel tank.
  • Burning Carpet - A burning rug odor can be traced back to faulty brakes. This scent will occur when your brake pads or rotors overheat from friction. It may be an indicator that you need new brakes.
  • Hot Oil - If you inhale the smell of oil, your first instinct should be to check your oil level with the dipstick. If you see a good amount of oil in the reservoir, it might be an oil leak or overheating engine. A certified mechanic should accurately diagnose a problem like this.
  • Burning Rubber - A rubber smell could result from overworn or unsecured hose(s) grinding against other parts. However, it can also be linked to transmission or engine problems. 
  • Rotten Eggs - If you distinguish this gross odor, it is probably a catalytic converter issue. This part is responsible for converting toxic gases into breathable ones. The converter cannot break down the hydrogen sulfide in the exhaust when it is damaged, hence the horrid smell.

If you've noticed any of these peculiar smells in or around your vehicle, please do not neglect it. Instead, please take it to The Detroit Garage to have a proper inspection by our expert team. Give us a call or visit our shop today.

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