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What Happens When You Forget to Change Your Car's Oil?

You're driving to work one morning and look up at the little sticker in the left side of your windshield - you realize that you are way overdue for an oil change and start panicking if you've made a big mistake. Is an oil change really that important and what happens when you forget to have it performed on time?  How important is your regular oil change? Although it is an inexpensive service, it is actually extremely vital to your car's performance. Motor oil has a very important job which is to lubricate the engine and regulate its temperature. It also helps to keep the engine clean by transporting debris and grime through the oil filter.  What happens when you forget to change your car's oil? If you're only a hundred miles over for your next oil change, don't panic. Chances are you've caught it early enough and no damage is done. However, if its been a while since your oil change due date, you may have caused damage to your engine. If your engi ... read more

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