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COVID-19 Updates - We are Open & Taking Certain Measures to Continue Serving You

COVID-19 Updates - We are Open & Taking Certain Measures to Continue Serving You

At the Detroit Garage, we are doing everything we can to prevent spread of COVID-19 while remaining open for business. Being that the government has deemed auto repair an essential service to the citizens and public, we want to do all that we can to assure that our employees are healthy and able to continue to work on your vehicles. To ensure your safety and health here at our shop, we are not accepting any waiting customers in our lobby and encourage you to use our drop box service. Here's how to use this service:  Please fill out a repair information envelope filling in the required spaces. Be as descriptive as possible with the issues that you are having. Insert your keys into the envelope and place in the mail slot on the door. If you need transportation please call our number 248-545-0500 and we will set up an Uber at no charge to you. We will get your keys and start our evaluation of your vehicle. We will do all communications via text/email and or phone call ... read more

What is a Thermostat and When Does it Need to be Replaced?

The thermostat is a vital component of your vehicle's engine. It is essentially a small valve inside the cooling system that will open and close in response to the coolant temperature. When coolant is still cool, like when you first start your vehicle, this valve will remain closed. However, once your vehicle starts moving and your engine warms up, the valve will open and close and coolant will circulate from the engine to the radiator.  A faulty thermostat is a common issue that can occur with the cooling system in our vehicles, especially considering how much work this system does on the daily. If your vehicle's thermostat does need to be replaced, you will notice some symptoms. Although these symptoms can indicate other problems, a faulty thermostat is potential cause. Here are some of those symptoms to look out for:  Overheating engine Temperature gauge is reading very cold or very hot Coolant leak or engine part corrosion  Most vehicle's factory reco ... read more

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