Monthly Archives: October 2019

How to Deal with Stressful Driving Situations

Driving isn't always a walk in the park - sometimes certain things can happen that can put us under stress. Whether it is someone cutting you off or you start hitting every light along the way to your destination making you crunched for time, it is important that we all stay calm and collected while driving to ensure our own safety and the safety of other cars around us. If you ever find yourself stressed out, try to remember the following tips for common stressful situations on the road:  Road Construction - It can be scary when a lane is closed and lots of vehicles are trying to merge out of the way. Road construction can also mean stopped cars along the side of the road and workers walking about. Try to stay calm and understand that the construction can’t be avoided, and that everyone is trying to get to their destination safely.  Backseat Drivers - There’s always that one friend, family member, or spouse that gives advice where it isn’t warranted ... read more

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