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How to Jump Start a Battery

While many of us hope that we never have to jump start our cars, dead batteries can happen unexpectedly and understanding how to properly jump start your vehicle can come in handy. The typically lifespan of a vehicle battery is between 3-5 years, and if you don't keep track of how old your battery is, it can die on you unexpectedly if its come to the end of its life.  However, batteries can also die unexpectedly due to leaving lights or other electrical components on over night or for extended periods of time without your car running. If you do find yourself with a dead battery, jump starting your vehicle can help to at least get your car running so that you can get your car into The Detroit Garage to have your battery replaced.  Here are the steps on how to properly jump start your vehicle:  First, you will need jumper cables. If you don't own any, you can purchase these at your local auto parts store or online. Large convenience stores such as Target and Wal ... read more

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