Dos & Don'ts of Tire Blowouts

A tire blowout is undoubtedly a scary and stressful situation to be in for anybody, especially if it happens on the highway or in the middle of traffic. Quite frankly, blowouts can be caused by something as small as a nail in the road or general low tire pressure. The five most common reasons for tire blowouts are under-inflation, overload, uneven tread wear, external damage, and tire defects.

Unlike a gradual flat tire, you'll be well aware if you've had a tire blowout. You will hear a loud popping noise and feel unevenness with your vehicle. In some cases, you'll catch the smell of burning rubber or hear the tire flapping around. If any of this happens to you, please remember not to panic. Here are some helpful tips for handling the following events after a tire blowout:

  • Don't push on your brakes. The best thing you can do to remain safe is to keep control of your vehicle and pull off safely to the side of the road. Remember to signal when getting away from traffic.
  • Do turn on your hazards!
  • Don't get out of your car unless it is entirely safe to do so. 
  • Do look for a spare tire. This will save you some money and buy you some time to get to the repair shop for a tire repair or replacement.
  • Do phone for roadside assistance. You can also request a tow truck company to tow your vehicle to a trusted auto repair shop to fix you up. 

Tire blowouts are scary, so don't put yourself in this situation, to begin with! To prevent a tire blowout from happening to you, please follow regular tire maintenance:

  • Regularly check your tire pressure to ensure that your tires are up to the manufacturer's standards. Low tire pressure is the leading cause of tire blowouts and can be avoided with proper care. 
  • Do the penny test to check your tread. Place the penny headfirst into a tire groove; if you can see the top of Lincoln's head, take action by replacing your tires soon.
  • Try to keep your vehicle load light; don't lug around heavy, outrageous things if you don't need them. 

If you ever find yourself with tire troubles, such as a blowout, please be sure to remember the safety tips above. We welcome you to The Detroit Garage for the best quality automotive services in the area for all your tire services. 

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