How Bad Driving Habits Can Hurt Your Vehicle

Did you know that bad driving habits, in addition to possibly incurring traffic tickets from the police, can damage your auto? Oh yes, this is quite true. This concise blog will give some valid examples.

Not Using Your Parking Brake

I routinely use my parking brake every day largely to make it harder for someone to steal the car. That said, NOT using it can literally be bad for your auto. When you are on a hill, you automatically use your parking brake; however, it is best to do so even when on flat terrain. Not doing that can be a strain on your transmission. Over time the strain builds up and can lead to costly repairs. Use the parking brake!

Flying Over Those Speed Bumps

Oh but slowing down for speed bumps every few feet is so inconvenient, right? Think about how inconvenient the bill will be to repair the damage caused by not paying attention to them. Flying over speed bumps can cause problems with the steering, the car's alignment, and/or its suspension. Another hazard of ignoring the speed bumps is the increased likelihood of slamming into another car or a pedestrian. 

Letting Your Gas Supply Run Too Low

In addition to making your car move, gasoline also functions as a coolant within its system. When your supply is low it can result in fuel system parts overheating and breaking. Not only that, but damage can occur to the fuel pump and your catalytic converter. There is a part on your dashboard that tells you when you are low on gas! Utilize it! If you lack the money, avoid driving until the money comes in. Stop driving on fumes.

Good Driving Habits

One good thing is to observe your fellow drivers and adjust to the traffic that surrounds you.

Another is remembering to signal your driving intentions well ahead of time. This is not only a courtesy, it is a safety issue.

Maintain your vehicle space cushion. What is a vehicle space cushion? It is the terminology used to describe the amount of space surrounding your vehicle. You want a large following distance between your car and those around it.

The best way to ensure that your vehicle is well maintained is to drive safe and to have your vehicle regularly inspected here at our shop. Give us a call or schedule an appointment for service online today!

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