How Often Do Windshield Wipers Need To Be Replaced?

Windshield wipers are some of the simplest components of a car. Many car owners forget that windshield wipers play a vital role in sub-zero temperatures, extreme dust, blazing heat, and rainy seasons. — they enhance your safety by providing a clear view of the road. It is quite easy to underestimate their role until you are caught up in rain, snow, or driving down a dusty road.

What Symptoms Show That Your Windshield Wipers Need Replacement?

Streaking and/or Hazing On Your Windshield

Your car wiper blades are functioned to press on the windshield evenly. The presence of streaks, even after using a windshield spray, is a common indicator that your wipers need replacement. Such streaking may signify that the windshield wipers are worn out and torn; hence, they cannot press the windshield evenly. You will notice spots, hazing, and streaking, all signs that the wipers need replacement.

A Chattering or Screeching Sound

When your wipers drag across the windscreen, their movement should be smooth. If you hear screeching, squeaking, or excessive dragging when the wipers are running, it is time for a replacement. While some little squeaking may be normal, too much chattering means poor contact between the windshield and the rubber.

Inconsistent Contact Between the Blades and Windshield

Your windshield wipers may need replacement when the rubber adhesive that holds the frames in place fails. When this happens, the rubber blade will keep flopping around when in use. You may notice such wear around the blades' edges where the adhesive usually fails first.

Bouncing Blades

If your wiper blades bounce when they are engaged, it may be time to replace them. The bouncing may also signify a broken or bent blade arm that needs replacement.

How Often Should You Replace Your Windshield Wipers?

Factors such as the weather and frequency of use determine how often you should replace your windshield wipers. However, experts recommend replacement every 6-12 months. Halogen or silicone-strengthened blades last a bit longer than ordinary rubber blades. The best way to determine when you should have your blades replaced is to monitor their functionality. If they exhibit any of the symptoms mentioned, make plans for their replacement.

If you need expert windshield wipers replacement, we invite you to bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop today.

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