How to Tell If Your AC Needs a Recharge

On average, your vehicle's air conditioning only needs to be recharged every several years. Of course, you should still practice proper maintenance and have the overall AC system regularly to ensure optimal performance. However, an AC recharge service isn’t necessary if you are cool and comfortable on your summer drives.


Your vehicle's AC system has a consistent circulation of refrigerant or Freon to keep your vehicle cool. It is packed in an enclosed system that always needs to be pressurized. Over time these components and hoses are prone to develop leaks, which can lead to a significant loss in refrigerant levels. And as a result, your car’s air conditioning will malfunction.

How To Tell If An A/C Recharge Service is For You

  • AC Clutch Not Engaging

When your car’s air conditioning is working fine, you may hear an initial click or clunking sound whenever you turn it on. If you stop hearing the click, it is most likely due to a failure in the system.

  • Visible Signs of Leaks

If you’re unsure whether your AC is leaking, check the ground before you get into your car. If you see water-like puddles under your engine component, it could be your Freon. Please bring your car to The Detroit Garage to be sure.

  • Warm Air

The most common symptom of leaky refrigerants is if your AC blows warm or hot air instead of cool air. This is a major red flag that your AC system needs leak repair and recharge.


If you suspect that your car’s AC system needs a recharge, we suggest that you leave that task to the experts here at The Detroit Garage. We have all the right tools, equipment, and training to restore your car’s air conditioning adequately. Feel free to give our team a call if you have any questions or concerns today.

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