Is Vehicle Maintenance Necessary?

There are definitely different types of car owners out there - those that are on top of their vehicle's maintenance and those that only bring their car to the shop when there is a problem with it. While some may believe that the latter helps save them money, the truth is, good maintenance helps you avoid car problems. Car repairs can be expensive depending on what needs to be fixed, while maintenance is generally more affordable and is preventative. The better care you take of your vehicle, the less likely you'll have to deal with major repairs in your car's lifetime. 

So, when thinking about whether or not vehicle maintenance is necessary, the answer truly is yes. The reason is, maintenance is the only way to ensure a long vehicle lifespan and will save you tons of money on repairs over time. Plus, it protects any warranties that you may have and helps boost resale value if you ever need to sell your car. 

What are the most important maintenance items that you should never ignore? 

  • Oil changes
  • Fluid flushes
  • Inspections
  • Tire rotation and balancing
  • Wheel alignment
  • Brake services
  • Windshield wiper replacement
  • Filter replacements

These are just some of the important maintenance items that you shouldn't miss, however the best source for understanding what your car needs are via the owner's manual. This will guide you on when certain maintenance items are due based on mileage and time intervals. 

Here at The Detroit Garage, we can help you take proper care of your vehicle and remind you of when important maintenance items are due. Give us a call or stop by our shop at any time for friendly assistance! 

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