So Fresh & So Clean


There's nothing better than the feeling of stepping into a fresh, clean car after getting your vehicle detailed. On the surface, car detailing might seem like cleaning your car or "giving it an extra shine." However, there are many benefits of car detailing that goes way beyond that. Let's go into detail (no pun intended) on auto detailing and what the services include.


What Is Car Detailing?

Car detailing is a thorough cleaning of a car to make it look as close to new as possible, both inside and out. The standard is to clean every nook and cranny of the car, and it requires multiple steps. The exterior cleaning process usually includes hand washing and drying, polishing, and sealing the vehicle. Whereas interior cleaning involves vacuuming, brushing and shampooing, wiping, and deodorizing.


Benefits of Car Detailing

Increases Resale Value

A professional detailing job can remove the smallest of imperfections on your vehicle. If you bought a newer car, having it detailed regularly will make it easier to trade in or sell. Research estimates that you may be eligible to receive up to 15 percent more than your vehicle's average resale value if you have your car detailed on both the inside and outside right before listing it on the market. 


Eliminates Foul Odors & Germs

Your vehicle carries millions of germs and bacteria. The inside of your car can also develop a stench, especially if you like to eat in your car. Allowing all this debris and dirt to build up and circulate through your vehicle is ultimately not good for your health. At The Detroit Garage, we will shampoo and vacuum your interior to remove these foreign particles. If you are prone to get sick, you might consider yourself taking your car into our shop. 


Gives You Confidence & Leave a Good Impression

Last but not least, having a clean and detailed car will make you seem groomed and attractive. It will give you an extra confidence booth next time you have a guest step into your vehicle. 


Your car reflects yourself, and others may form their impression of you depending on how your car looks. If you are due for a deep clean or plan on selling your vehicle, come by The Detroit Garage to have your car squeaky clean.

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