State Representative Haley Stevens visits Farmington, MI to discuss the future of aftermarket automotive care

State Representative

Curtis Andrew Massoll, founder of The Detroit Garage, takes a leading role in educating both our representatives and the public concerning the “Your Car Your Data” campaign.
2020-01-20 FARMINGTON, MI.

Our United States Representatives listen to the concerns of their constituents, develop solutions to the needs of their districts and serve as political spokespeople for issues that are important to those they represent. There was no exception to this process on January 13th when Representative Haley Stevens, of Michigan’s 11th district, visited The Farmington Garage.

Founder and CEO of The Detroit Garage, Curtis Andrew Massoll, was joined by several others from the Auto Care Association (ACA) to share information and concerns regarding the changes and future developments in automotive repair. With 286.8M vehicles on the road today, the automotive aftermarket industry is responsible for employing 4.7M people. Independent service centers maintain 8 out of 10 vehicles currently in operation as well as perform 70% of repairs falling outside of the manufacturer warranty. Michigan’s 11th congressional district is responsible for providing more jobs in automotive aftermarket care than any other district in the country.

State Representative

Modern vehicles have begun wirelessly transmitting data — straight to vehicle manufacturers — using a technology called telematics. Some may transfer up to 25GB of data per hour. Unbeknownst to many consumers, vehicle owners neither own nor have access to the information that their cars are generating. Unfortunately, this could leave consumers in an extremely vulnerable state, with manufacturers controlling who sees that data and how it is used. By 2022, 87% of vehicles will be transmitting data. Members of the auto care industry depend on this crucial information to assist with maintenance and repairs, but without action, consumers will be extremely limited to where they may take their vehicle to be serviced. The Auto Care Association believes drivers should demand the right to transparency around the data collected from their vehicles, including what was collected, how it was used and with whom it was shared.

Both the New York Times and Washington post have published articles concerning this issue. Not only is personal information being obtained, but access to that information is being unjustly withheld from consumers. Massoll shared with Representative Stevens how this will directly impact small businesses such as The Detroit Garage and how her involvement will benefit both the industry and the general public. “State Representative Shimkus and Representative Rush are just weeks away from introducing legislation that will provide owners and their designees access to vehicle data and we would ask for your support.” - Massoll

State Representative

Her visit concluded with a tour through the repair shop, explaining how data is pulled from control modules, the on-board diagnostics process and why this information is essential.

This fight is critical to protect consumers, their rights to privacy and the ability to have their vehicle serviced at the place of their choice. Massoll encourages other shop owners to invite their local representatives to visit their facilities and to educate them about the issues at hand. The Auto Care Association is willing and able to assist anyone interested in walking through this process. For more information please contact [email protected] or visit

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