What are the Signs of Worn Shocks and Struts?

When driving offroad, you're bound to feel some bumps along the way. However, more drivers won't be taking any dirt roads to their destination, and driving on the regular pavement should feel smooth and controlled. If your ride suddenly starts feeling like an amusement park attraction, you may start to think that something is wrong. Chances are, you may have worn shocks and struts. 

What are shocks and struts? The shocks and struts in your vehicle are the parts that help to dampen shock from the road and keep your ride smooth. The system is hydraulic, meaning that it uses fluid to absorb force so that your entire vehicle cabin doesn't bounce up and down excessively. However, over time, the shocks and struts can become worn down or leaky, which can decrease their effectiveness, ultimately leaving you with a bumpy drive. 

Here are the signs of worn shocks and struts to look out for: 

  • Car vibrates or feels shaky at high speeds
  • Vehicle dips to one side when turning
  • Front end of car dives when braking
  • Rear-end of car squats when accelerating
  • Tires bounce excessively after driving over bumps, uneven roads, or potholes
  • Leaking fluid around the shocks
  • Uneven tire wear

If you notice any of the warning signs listed above, we recommend bringing your vehicle into The Detroit Garage at your earliest convenience. While you may be able to tough through the bumps, worn shocks and struts can actually cause damage to your tires and other suspension parts over time if left ignored. We will perform a full inspection of your suspension system to determine if you indeed need new shocks and struts and will provide you with a complete estimate of our work before beginning for your approval. 

Give us a call or stop by The Detroit Garage today! 

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