Why Isn't My Car Heater Working?

A working car heater makes drives comfortable, especially on chilly evenings and freezing winters. Unfortunately, most car owners often ignore car heater servicing for their vehicles. On snowy and freezing days, drivers might get stuck in a storm when the heater fails to heat up and defrost windows and mirrors to maintain visibility on the road. A working heater is essential to eliminate a frustrating and freezing drive and the possibility of getting stuck in a snowstorm.

The car heating system is relatively easy to understand. It is composed of a heater core, a heater fan, the coolant system, and HVAC controls. Despite its simplicity in composition and functioning, different issues might render the system dysfunctional, requiring urgent servicing. Some issues that could trigger a faulty heating system include;

A Faulty Thermostat

A ruined thermostat is the most common reason for a failed heating system. It might be stuck open or stuck closed. A stuck thermostat interferes with the proper water flow causing affecting the heating system.

Low Coolant Level in the System

The same system that maintains a cool engine also ensures that the heater is working correctly. Insufficient coolant does not provide enough hot coolant to the core, making it impossible to warm the cabin. Topping up the coolant level and checking on any leakages might solve the issue and enable the heater to function correctly.

A Clogged Heater Core

Although not a common issue, debris might enter the coolant system and clog the heater core. The debris might get in through the radiator to lodge itself into the heater core. The radiator might burst and deposit debris, which affects the functioning of the heating system.

Other troubles might affect the car's heater, including a faulty blowers motor, airlock trouble in the heater control valve, among others. Certified mechanics can fix the issue to guarantee a safe and excellent driving experience.

Mechanics at our auto-repair shop understand every car language and professionally fix any heating challenges conveniently and efficiently. Bring your car for auto services today and get through winter without any heating troubles in your car heater.

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