How Long Do Head Gaskets Last?

The head gasket in your vehicle has a very important job - it separates the block of the motor from the head of the motor to ensure that the coolant doesn't get into the cylinders. Gaskets are typically very durable components but are sometimes susceptible to leaking, which can start to cause problems for your engine. 

The main culprit of a failing head gasket is caused by an overheating engine. An engine can overheat quickly if the cooling system doesn't work as it should in terms of regulating heat and keeping the engine cool. When the engine overheats, the head gasket can fail which can cause leaking into the cylinders. This leads to engine damage that can be costly to repair.

This is why it is so important to take care of your vehicle's engine and cooling system. A well-maintained cooling system will protect your engine, which will prevent you from having to deal with repairs such as the head gasket. Ideally, an inspection of your vehicle's coolant, thermostat, and radiator will help you keep your vehicle running well and free from major issues. 

How long do head gaskets last? The answer is, they should last as long as the life of your engine. However, if you don't properly maintain your vehicle or the engine, chances are you'll be having the head gasket replaced in your vehicle's lifetime. 

To ensure that your head gasket lasts, practice proper vehicle maintenance, and have regular inspections performed on your car. Also, be sure to follow your vehicle's manufacturer recommendations when it comes to getting services performed. 

If you suspect that you need a head gasket repair, we invite you into the experts here at The Detroit Garage. Give us a call for assistance today! 

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